Sohar Hackathon

Sohar Hackathon

Coders, designers, techies in and around Oman! Are you passionate about helping using technology for good in developing your country? Come and participate in Sohar Hackathon and create solutions that will help reduce challenges and convert them into opportunities. You'll collaborate with like-minded individuals to develop apps and smart solutions to tackle issues pertinent to ports, logistics & transportation, environment, and tourism. Showcase your creativity and skills and compete for the chance to win seed funding for your project. 

Why Sohar?

Along with the government strategy towards the diversification of the economic resources and investing in the main vital sectors of Tourism, Logistics and Environment, Sohar Hackathon aims to focus on these fields and an open the opportunity for the young generation to contribute in the journey of the development.  

With the rapid development of Sohar industrial city due to its unique strategic location and the well-developed infrastructure with the competitive business environment, there is still a room where the youth can step up and evolve their innovative ideas. 

New generation along with their innovative minds should have the major role in creating the change and open new opportunities for this city. 

Who is eligible to join Sohar Hackathon
  • Topics should be around the following main fields: Logistics, Environment and Tourism. 
  • The participants should be; Students, Jobseekers, Professionals, Visionary Entrepreneur and anyone interested in IoT, smart sensors, smart solutions, apps and Web Development.
  • Registration by groups, maximum five members.
  • Commitment to attend and be present for the full three days of Sohar Hackathon.
About the Program: 

Sohar Hackathon is a three-day program at the International Maritime College of Oman from 10 to 12 January 2019. The program will include a site visit to the Sohar Industrial Estate and Sohar Port & Free Zone with brainstorming sessions led by mentors to guide teams come up with solutions to improve the business community with series of presentations and evaluations, concluded with the announcement of winning teams. The winners will be awarded as the following: 

  • First place winner: 2000 OMR
  • Second place winner: 1500 OMR
  • Third place winner: 1000 OMR

* Registration Closing Date was on 3rd January 2019 at 12:00 PM

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