Smart Cities Ambassadors

Knowledge management is one of the most powerful weapons in preparing the society to alleviate the knowledge gap of the Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies in smart cities. Therefore, the Smart Cities platform has launched the Knowledge Initiative for Smart Cities Ambassadors. 

To create a smart city community of practice in Oman to share knowledge, increase awareness and build capacity in smart city solutions and best practices. 

Program objectives:
Attract the interested individuals to become smart ambassadors who eventually will create a smart community of practice to achieve the vision of smart city platform and share awareness on the importance of smart city solutions and best practices around Oman. It also aims to

  • Involve Smart ambassadors in the process of sharing and exchange knowledge and awareness. 
  • Facilitate and enable smart ambassadors in finding Smart Solutions.
  • Motivate innovation in Smart Cities.  
  • Promote Research & Development activities among the community.

How to participate in this initiative: 
  • Register as a speaker/ knowledge transmitter
      • Register as a workshop participant 

      Knowledge topics per month: 

        Subject  Month
      1 Blockchain November
      2 Big Data December
      3 Internet of Things January
      4 Autonomous Vehicles/Drones Fabruary
      5 Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning March
      6 3D Printing April

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