Salalah Hackathon

Hackathon Salalah

Hackathon Salalah is a competition where developers, coders, graphic designers, data scientists, innovators, students, engineers, entrepreneurs, and scientists convene together to prototype and develop state-of-the-art smart solutions that would help to transform ‘Salalah City’ into a responsive and smart city. 

  • To unleash youth’s creative minds and help them capitalize on their creative ideas and solutions
  • To assist participants to convert their ideas into a reality (a full-fledged start-up)
  • To create a space that helps the youth to share and co-create knowledge to develop better and smarter cities
  • To create a culture of innovation among our students, scientists, entrepreneurs, researchers, and residents
  • To strengthen and build sense of community
  • To inspire and aspire the young generation to help solve societal and industrial problems

Why City of Salalah? 
Salalah has been selected to host a city-based hackathon for this year for several reasons: -
  • The significant annual increase in the number of visitors to Salalah Tourism Festival necessitates high demand and expectations in the quality of services. According to, Salalah Tourism Festival visitors in 2018 reached 826,376 tourists compared to 644,931 in 2017 with an increment of 28.1%.
  • The economic, tourist and historical status of Dhofar Governorate and the volume of government investments
  • The location and strategic dimension of Salalah City and its pivotal link with the logistics strategy and tourism strategy of the Sultanate
  • Salalah City faces similar challenges with other similar areas in the Sultanate 

This Year’s Themes & Challenges 
  • Tourism
  • Logistics & Transportation 
  • Environment & Water
  • Conservation of heritage and historical sites

Participation Eligibility 
  • Topics should be around the following main fields: Tourism, Logistics & Transportation, Environment & Water, Conservation of heritage and historical sites
  • Individual participation is not allowed. Each team must have between 3 – 5 members. 
  • Ideas that were submitted in previous hackathons and similar competitions will not be accepted
  • Commitment to attend and be present for the full three days of Salalah Hackathon.
  • Participations are encouraged from Dhofar Governorate and beyond. Number of teams (no more than ten) with members from Dhofar residents will be selected if they meet the minimum requirements.

Selection Criteria
Registered teams will be evaluated according to the following criteria and only twenty teams will be selected.
  • Initial proposed solution and its relevance to this year’s themes/challenges  (preference will be given to new and innovative ideas/solutions)
  • Team members knowledge and expertise to implement the proposed solution
  • Team members specializations (preference will be given to diverse specializations as required by the proposed solution)

Expected Solutions
The list below (none inclusive) is a general expectation of the types of solutions that maybe proposed by participating teams: 
  • Mobile applications
  • Business portals and Web applications
  • Fourth industrial revolution applications
    • Internet of things
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Robotics and drones
    • Big Data and Data Science algorithms
    • 3D printing
    • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  • -Mixed types of the above

Important Dates
  • Registration Starts: June 9th 2019 @ 01:00 pm
  • Registration Ends: June 29th 2019 @ 11:00 pm
  • Hackathon Starts: Aug 1st 2019
  • Hackathon Ends: Aug 3rd 2019


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