Research Activities

Research Activities

Smart City Platform strives to bring together researchers, academics, and scholars to develop full research and/or a new smart solution. Research and Innovation division is the main pillar of the platform. The platform is committed to raise funds for research and innovation initiative. Targeting researchers and innovators in research and academic institutions, the platform provides innovation funds and research grants as follow:-

  • Category 1: Innovation Based Projects: The aim is to pilot and/or develop a smart solution, smart technology, or analytical-based solution at organizational level, community level, city level, or country level (e.g., logistics mobility, people mobility, public safety, geospatial solutions, energy efficiency…. etc.) that can be applied in Oman.
  • Category 2: Publication Based Research: The aim is to investigate lessons and exemplary best practices learned from public and private institutions in Oman currently employing smart city solutions or organizational level smart solutions. The goal is to conduct a nation-wide survey about existing solutions, existing opportunities and challenges for building a smart sustainable city, and how can existing solutions fuel towards smart city development.

Eligibility to Apply

The applicant (i.e. Principal Investigator (PI)) must be a full-time academician or a researcher with a minimum Masters Degree qualification or equivalent. The PI has to be hosted by an Omani-based research/academic institution at the time of submission of the research proposal. The PI must also assign a peer Co-PI who is delegated to lead the research project in the absence of the PI. The Co-PI is required to hold a minimum Masters qualification and have to be hosted by an Omani-based research/academic institution. Individual innovators and entrepreneurs can submit a research proposal but they must collaborate with a PI. Full accountability of the research project rests on the PI and the hosting research/academic institution. Proposals submitted with a joint collaboration between a PI and international scholars, private/public organizations, entrepreneurs, Small and Medium enterprises are highly recommended.

Current Call for Research Proposal

Proposal Submission deadline: Nov 8th 2018
Announcing Accepted Proposals: Dec 10th 2018

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