Matrah Hackathon

What is #int-hackathon?
A hackathon is an event where coders, developers, and innovators come together to solve a particular problem within a day or more. Participants can work individually or form a small team to solve a challenge. Participants of the Hackathon may include innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, students, developers and engineers, in addition to any average person who may have the creativity and willingness to come up with new solutions for city challenges. It is expected that participants will develop apps, web portals or any digital based solutions within a day or more. A judging panel will evaluate the projects and select the winners. 

#int-hackathon objectives
  • Provide the opportunity for the innovators to provide solutions to the challenges facing smart cities
  • Emphasize the importance of ICT-based solutions to the challenges of smart cities
  • Create awareness about the challenges and opportunities to transform cities to smart cities
  • Emphasize the role of the smart city platform as the leader of smart city activities in Oman
  • Creating a competitive environment among innovators in the Sultanate of Oman

Why Matrah
Sweeping around the beautiful seafront corniche, Matrah is the city’s old commercial center of Muscat, and still far away the most interesting part of the city! The city of Matrah is considered as one of the iconic cities in Muscat that gathers the beauty of the historical elements and the contemporary urbanization. 
Matrah city has many challenges affecting the tourism, transportations, logistics, trade, social service and others. Consequently, the city of Matrah is going to be a pilot city for the Hackathon 2017 where developers and innovators are welcomed to innovate a technical solution to the challenges that will be announced on the event’s day!

  • Tourism sector
  • Logistics sector
  • Commercial sector
  • Historical sector

Participant statistics
The registration was opened on 13 September 2017. Teams and individuals of different ages, both nationalities and nationalities, were allowed to participate. The registration was closed on 12 October, with 300 individuals registered forming 90 teams and 50 individuals. Omanis scored the highest percentage of 72% and 23% for non-Omanis, while the male participants were the highest, with 76% compared to 33% of females. The bachelor's degree holders had the highest share (57.7%), followed by the master's degree holders (14.9%), the higher diploma 13.6% and PhD holders 9%.

Winning Teams:

Sprint Team

Team members: Ahud Amiri, Shahid Al-Hajriya, Rahma Al Habasiya, Omar Al Riyami

An application that allow users to view the historical and archaeological sites in Matrah and when access to the point or site the app display the place in 3D technology and. The user can choose the period and can see the stories of the place and live it by using AR technology experience.

Node x Team

Team members: Yahya Al Hadrami, Nasser Al Hadrami, Abdullah Al Hadrami, Moza Al Amriya

Wasel application allows you to reserve a parking in Matrah. The app operates an integrated system programmed to collect data from sensors placed in each parking to help identify the vehicle and reconcile it with the pre-booking data. Also, its can redirect the traffic in the three entrances to the city, and present it in huge screens to alert the number of parking available at the moment and congestion.

Revo team

Team members: Ahmed Al-Balushi, Louay Al-Abri, Jihan Al-Jashmiyeh, Marwa Al-Samariyah

Tarrq Application allows the residents of Muttrah and its visitors the opportunity to get the best way to access the parking available and vacant and parking expected after a certain period using the document

The application supports public transport by adding Link to Hi Taxi and Muaslat  parking 

Hash Team

Team members: Hilal Al Riyami, Ahmed Al Riyami, Majid Al Washahi, Ayoub Al Alawi

A platform that supports the concept of independent tourists, through providing partial employment opportunities for Omani students in the tourism guidance, or students who are good for different languages and are interested in the field of tourism guidance and linking them directly to tourists. (Know more about this project)  

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