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Smart City Definition

A Smart City is both a medium and an outcome of state-of-the-art smart solutions, a web of sensors, real-time data, ICT integration and coordination between public and private institutions to provide efficient and effective services to citizens.

Smart city is a geographical space (where people live and work, urban & rural) designed with the capability of accessing real-time data (economy, environment, transportation, education … etc) using smart sensors, smart phones, medical devices, cameras, drones, step count, traffic anomaly detection, smart meters, kiosks, web, personal devices, enterprise control systems, surveillance devices…etc to understand, explain, predict and improve the following areas

  • Mobility, travel, and transport (city logistics, mobility)
  • Smart living (e.g. entertainment, public safety, relational and social capital, healthcare, wellbeing, smart health 2.0)
  • Environment & energy (e.g. waste management, public lighting, pollution control, waste management, etc.)
  • Citizen e-participation and engagement
  • Big Data analytical solutions
  • ICT infrastructure and IoT
  • Smart buildings (e-facilities and services, energy)
  • Smart education and economy (entrepreneurship, digital education)
  • eMarketing approaches (delivering services compatible with smart city approach)

In brief, smart, resilient, and sustainable cities aim to improve

  • Public services as well as commercial and civic services (cost reduction, timeliness, evidence-based decisions) to improve people’s health through smart care, wellbeing, and smart living

About Smart Oman

Oman Smart City Platform (SCP) is a knowledge-sharing consortium to drive smart city initiatives in Oman. The objective of the platform is to provide a knowledge-sharing, collaborative and networking environment among smart city stakeholders. The platform functions as an enabler and facilitator for smart city innovations through funding research and hosting innovations’ competitions.

Smart City Platform aims to:

  • Provide a platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and networking between stakeholders
  • Facilitate and enable smart city innovations
  • Promote and test smart solutions targeting city challenges
  • Build awareness on the importance of smart city solutions
  • Enable a path towards a national smart city vision & strategy.

The platform is managed by a Steering Committee (SC) and run by an executive team. The SC is chaired by HE Eng. Sultan Hamdoon Al-Harthi, Supreme Council for Planning.

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