The concept of Hackathon aims at involving the Omani community of developers, designers, innovators, students, entrepreneurs and any individual interested in solving real, complex and fuzzy industrial problems. The Hackathon philosophy of the platform is driven by either a specific issue or by city-based issues. Every year, the platform is committed to host one or more hackathon events by inviting the hackathon community to generate, pilot, and apply creative and transformative ideas to shape specific city into a smart city or to offer smart and innovative solutions to nation-wide burning issues.

What is a Hackathon?

Hackathon is a competition where developers, coders, graphic designers, data scientists, innovators, students, engineers, entrepreneurs, and scientists come together to solve real societal and industrial problems with creative, smart and effective solutions. Hackathon helps to engage and empower local community where its members meet for a full day (or any agreed duration) in a common space where knowledge is shared and co-created.

Intended Goals

At individual level

  • To unleash youth’s creative minds and help them capitalize on their creative ideas and solutions
  • To assist participants to convert their ideas into a reality (a full-fledged start-up)
  • To create a space that helps the youth to share and co-create knowledge to develop better and smarter cities
  • To create a culture of innovation among our students, scientists, entrepreneurs, researchers, and residents
  • To strengthen and build sense of community
  • To inspire and aspire the young generation to help solve societal and industrial problems

At institutional level

  • To employ high-tech and creative skills to develop state-of-the-art smart solutions that are cost-effective to solve issues and challenges that our cities face
  • To help policy makers, public and private institutions acquire (buyout; invest in) state-of-the-art smart solutions that would help carrying out daily business more effectively with minimal costs
  • To create a culture of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in solving industrial and city-wide issues and challenges
  • To create promising social investment opportunities for businesses and companies through the means of Corporate Social Responsibilities
  • To help companies, entrepreneurs and public institutions present their organizational issues and problems to our smart community of ‘hackathonians’ to develop smart solutions to these problems
  • To establish formal and informal communities of practice (CoP) among our potential and existing hackathonians, businesses, organizations, researchers, and entrepreneurs
  • To help partners and sponsors create environmental and social values and to strengthen their corporate identifies through ROI and SROI.
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